Founded in 1954 by a group of sport riding enthusiasts in Northern California, the American Federation of Motorcyclists is the oldest organization in the country dedicated soley to motorcycle road racing AFM, Inc.
395 Taylor Blvd. #130
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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2017 Rulebook
2017 Licensing

Approved Licenses - March, 2017

# Last Name First Name Status
3 Call Cory Approved
4 Siglin Chris Approved
7 Crawford Brandon Approved
8 Buchcik Patryk Approved
11 Fosgate John Approved
12 Adams Hollis Approved
14 Rue Stephen Approved
15 Wooldridge Berto Approved
16 Souza Michael Approved
17 Kondo Eric Approved
18 Botha Gavin Approved
19 Sewell Dan Approved
20 Kim Michael Approved
27 Fry Peter Approved
28 Flores Jose Approved
29 Bartlow Brian Approved
35 Capps Richard Approved
36 Dorsey Thomas Approved
37 Anderson Bud Approved
39 Hale Lenny Approved
41 Shermoen Frank Approved
42 Hittner Joe Approved
43 Kinberger Jay Approved
44 Clough Corey Approved
45 Haazer Edwin Approved
46 Rico Paul Approved
48 Denman Richard Approved
49 Zarra Marc Approved
50 Wilbert Tom Approved
51 Villegas Ricardo Approved
54 Wolters Tyler Approved
55 Tulchinsky Aaron Approved
59 Miller Jason Approved
60 Galvan Sergio Morales Approved
63 McDonough Devon Approved
64 Anderson Vik Approved
66 Barrigan Yuri Approved
67 Lee Andrew Approved
68 Grantham Craig Approved
69 King James Approved
71 Savacool Clive Approved
75 Carroll F. Patrick Approved
76 Williams Warren Approved
77 Stapp Wiles Approved
78 Weber August Approved
79 Kieffer Paul Approved
81 Stewart John Approved
82 Higa Joy Approved
83 Seyl David Approved
84 Benguerel Andre Approved
85 Medina Michael Approved
86 Llovet Laura Approved
88 Kinberger Lisa Approved
90 Kemling Peter Approved
91 Lauritzen Jason Approved
92 Welch Valentine Approved
93 Fimbres Mickey Approved
94 Quintanar Jose Approved
95 Sharp Greg Approved
96 Kluge Kenyon Approved
98 Walsh Brendan Approved
99 Swain Chad Approved
100 Morrison Ryder Approved
101 Miles Scott Approved
103 Fredrick Daniela Approved
104 Burgess Chris Approved
106 Sterner Eric Approved
108 Murphy Kevin Approved
111 Fernandez Oscar Approved
113 Lakis Wesley Approved
114 VonButtlar Henrik Approved
118 Azar Dan Approved
121 Worthington David Approved
123 Harrington Zach Approved
125 Evans Brian Approved
128 Guinn Austin Approved
132 Cheney Terry Approved
134 Clouse Greg Approved
141 Fordyce Bill Approved
143 Edginton Jordan Approved
144 Covarrubias Oscar Approved
146 Baker Roger Approved
148 Radavero Johnny Approved
151 Witt Jeremy Approved
152 Murphy Patrick Approved
158 Canfield Michael Approved
161 Sprock Larry Approved
169 Smith Stephen Approved
172 Diadiw Michael Approved
173 Ferreira Sebastiao Approved
175 Bawden Jon Approved
178 Alexander Miles Approved
183 Kunkel Garrett Approved
186 Hudson Carl Approved
187 D'Ambrogia Mike Approved
188 Luciano Luke Approved
190 Sorensen Charles Approved
192 Ohara Tyler Approved
197 Beressi Haim Approved
209 Mehrer Jr. Frankie Approved
210 Reed Chris Approved
222 Graham Jeff Approved
223 Moss Dave Approved
230 Johnson Paul Approved
243 Daniels Trevor Approved
249 Weidenbach Richard Approved
256 Evans Matthew Approved
297 Nguyen John Approved
311 Sturges Paul Approved
312 Leonhardt Keir Approved
321 Haglunds Kalle Approved
331 Blankenship Paul Approved
337 Diegelman Christian Approved
341 Stieglitz Robbes Approved
352 Kubran Krystyna Approved
357 Flores Alex Approved
364 Moore Michael Approved
374 Dorsey Darnell Approved
389 Vang Pao Approved
397 Palmeri Joseph Approved
400 Larson Micah Approved
412 Voorhees Brett Approved
421 Smith Ian Approved
423 Flatley Owen Approved
426 Pfeifle Jeremy Approved
428 Kresse David Approved
434 Rizzo Salvatore Approved
436 Pull Gordon Approved
438 Davies Joshua Approved
462 Winkelbauer Kelly New
480 Karayan Aliki Approved
481 Apple Wyman Approved
510 Almy Charles Approved
511 Fillmore Chris Approved
515 Miles John Approved
520 Knowles John Approved
555 Kolawole Oluwadare "Dare" Approved
556 Rose Ken Approved
607 Patane Nicholas Approved
608 Brun Cyril Approved
609 Merrick Justin Approved
611 Verheaghe Matt Approved
621 Burton Cody Approved
636 Duncan Troy Approved
666 Victor Damion Approved
667 Driscoll Steve Approved
685 Bowen Tracy Approved
688 Winter Kevin Approved
698 Antelme France Michael Approved
701 Hoy Michael Approved
702 Ashraf Dilnawaz Approved
703 Haines Chad Approved
704 Jessee Greg Approved
707 Hoffman Justus Approved
708 Bon Maarten Approved
714 Da Silva Deivide Approved
716 Aldinger Patrick Approved
718 Tanner Ian Approved
720 Powell Derek Approved
721 Hodges Benjamin Approved
722 Pasquale Larry Approved
723 Subramanian Ramkumar Approved
724 Tschirky Taylor Approved
725 Gawer Andrew Approved
729 Fernandez Fabian Approved
731 Droogas Constance Approved
733 Buzon Lee Approved
737 Rogers Romell Approved
741 Barentson Michael Approved
743 Ashraf Jansher Approved
745 Stone Greg Approved
747 Habura Steve Approved
771 Ramsdell Clifton Approved
772 Cano Shiree Approved
776 Gomez Nick Approved
779 Liu Edmund Approved
782 Stone Richard Approved
784 Okanovich Amir Approved
787 Romick Sam Approved
789 Doerflinger David Approved
797 Katona Norbert Approved
799 Shiu Elliot Approved
800 Sanjurjo Jesus Approved
802 de Bar Chris Approved
804 Douglas II Greg Approved
811 Leuer Robert Approved
815 Bubner Patricia Approved
816 Deskin Ashlee Approved
817 Huerta Carmelo Approved
822 Alvarez Yovany Approved
823 Brittain Robert Approved
824 Veneziano Erin Approved
825 Rapisardo Gabriel Approved
827 Bisharat Hani Approved
828 Wong Nick Approved
829 Carter Jesse Approved
831 Fitzsimmons Mark Approved
832 wawrzyczek jesse Approved
838 McCoy Robert Approved
853 O'Hara Chad Approved
859 DeAugustine Sam Approved
861 Jackson John Approved
868 Klein Max Approved
870 Lazaris Alex Approved
878 Gredler Andreas Approved
880 Corstorphine Alex Approved
883 Butler Brhett Approved
885 Buckhalter Sam Approved
886 Marino Donald Approved
888 Souza John Approved
892 Quinionez Jesse Approved
893 McKinney Mark Approved
895 Oliver Rick Approved
898 Shipilov Nicholas Approved
902 McKinnon Paige Approved
905 Thaw William Approved
906 Curtis Dillon Approved
907 Dills James Approved
917 Tucker David Approved
919 Conway Richard Approved
923 Payne Christian New
928 Nogueira Trevor Approved
931 Corbin Sean Approved
932 Corbin Rachael Approved
933 Rocha Brandon Approved
935 Bonura Cj Approved
937 Yuill Derek Approved
942 Jones-Williams Donyel Approved
946 Roy James Approved
948 Keller Matthew Approved
958 Bush Aaron Approved
961 Abdouni Bassem Approved
963 Nicoletta Paolo Approved
964 Ferguson Ross Approved
966 Cowan Grant Approved
967 Burton Kimberly Approved
969 Tibbets Dustin Approved
970 Harris Christine Approved
973 Ackerman Chris Approved
977 Tiistola Jaakko Approved
978 Kellogg Brian Approved
981 Xiao Xiao Approved
983 Winqvist Oskar Approved
986 Velazco Daniel Approved
988 Correa Miguel Approved
990 Park Andrew Approved
993 Saenz Anthony New
995 Coyston Charles Approved
996 King Jeremy Approved
997 Saito Bernie Approved
998 Marroquin Samuel Approved
100A Mork Mary Approved
101A Spink Jeffrey Approved
111W Patterson Nicole Approved
113W Patterson Joel Approved
124A Mindling Sebastian Approved
127W Grooms Margaret New
128W Grooms Lyle New
129W Sullivan Charles New
130W Shanks Stephen New
131W Ingoglia Joseph Approved
13W Nardello Dean Approved
149W Graifman Glenn Approved
152W Reichert Michael Approved
15A Barnum Peter Approved
162W Bessiere Patricia Approved
190W Goodman Jr. Duane Alan Approved
191W Powell Diane Approved
1W Daughhetee Kinsy Approved
204R Faussett Adam Approved
20W Dalton Stephen Approved
21R Norton Jesse Approved
21W Armstrong Lawrence Approved
228W Lowe James Approved
22X Karol Bob Approved
24A Smith Kevin Approved
26R Vilder Fabrice Approved
33W Kelley Edward Approved
35A Norman Lisa Approved
36A Dorsey Grace Approved
49A Zarra Lyndia Approved
4A Stewart Brad Approved
513R Pierce Robert Approved
52W Gregory Thomas Approved
55X Zavatson Dave Approved
58W Gregory Holly Approved
5A Smith Barbara Approved
62R Picard Joshua Approved
63R Vizcaino Erick Approved
64A Norman Kenny Approved
66R Chin Tim Approved
66W Jones Sandra "Sandy" Approved
66X Butler Jason Approved
68W Dede John Approved
6W Brown Phillip Approved
710W Hilt Cary Approved
736R May Chad Approved
813R Lewman Lance Approved
84X Kunzelman David Approved
8A Klein Allison Approved
913R Dasilva Rafael Approved
Spink Karyn New

2017 Race Schedule

March 18-19 Buttonwillow

April 29-30 Sonoma

May 27-28 Thunderhill

July 15-16 Thunderhill

Sept 2-3 Sonoma

Sept 23-24 Thunderhill

Oct 21-22 Buttonwillow

AFM Board Meetings

Board meetings are typically held the 2nd Wednesday of every month. General Meetings start at 8:00pm.

 Next Meeting Date:

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

 Meeting Location:

Looking Point
391 Taylor Blvd, Suite 120
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

2017 Rule Book

2017 AFM Rulebook is now available for download HERE

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Contact Info

AFM Inc.

395 Taylor Boulevard, #130
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
Phone: 510-833-RACE
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Getting Started Is Easy

  • Joining the AFM is easy! Download the proper application (New, Renewal, or Minor) from us (link to the forms and fee info is at top right of every page of this website), fill it out completely and select which type of membership you want (Competition, Reciprocity, Associate, or Worker), then mail it back to the AFM with the appropriate fees.
  • Or call us at: 775-338-8530 and leave complete contact information.